Matt has over 20 years experience as a roofer and has a great passion for quality workmanship, no matter the job.  When
The Roofing Co won the project for Tim Dagg in 2019, Jarrad thought it would be the perfect opportunity for Matt to showcase his skills and enter the Colorsteel Roofer of the Year award.

TRC are stoked for Matt and for all involved in the project in winning this prestigious award!  Below is an extract from the awards:

An architect’s own home is always going to require a special level of workmanship.

This Christchurch home was designed by architect Tim Dagg of Sheppard & Rout Architects for himself and his family. Located in the leafy suburb of Strowan, the contemporary house features a complex series of gables, with the Metalcraft Espan® tray roofing draping over the eastern wall to create a homogenous cladding.

“The metal roofing and cladding is one of the leading external design components for this house so it was critical for me that the design intent of the folding roof form, which starts as a half gable at the street end and folds to a full gable to the north, was carried through to the details on site,” says Tim Dagg.

Matthew McDougall from The Roofing Company Canterbury was awarded the inaugural 2019 COLORSTEEL® Roofer of the Year Award for his work on this project.

Due to the complexity of the form, Matthew and Tim had several meetings to discuss how the tray roofing would run. Matthew prepared two alternative mock-up samples for the detail supplied by the architect’s drawings and one of these was used in the execution of the design.

“This is what happens when there is a collaborative approach to turning the architects vision into a great building with the roof and cladding made from COLORSTEEL®,” says awards Judge Graham Moor. “Given this was the architects own home, it's obvious that Matthew embraced the scrutiny to achieve the result he has. As a roofer I can see the effort and the pride that has gone in to this.” The judge also added that jobs of this complexity cannot be achieved without co-operation. “The roofer established a good relationship with the main contractor and client, options were discussed and trialled if necessary, and consistent, attractive and robust solutions were the result.”

Colorsteel - NZ Roofer of the Year - 2019

Matt McDougall